Meet Our TEAM

Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh kumar

Managing Director

CPA by Qualification, passionate about entrepreneurship.

Ganesh, the founder of TCB, established the company with a primary focus on delivering unparalleled services to clients, with an emphasis on exceptional quality in all aspects of work. He is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters employee growth, allowing them to enhance their skills and evolve into future tax and accounting expert advisors. Ganesh’s exceptional expertise lies in team building, enabling him to assemble and develop high-performing teams within the organization.

Maria Sagayaraj

Maria Sagayaraj

Head of Operations

Engineer by Qualification

Maria Sagayaraj is a dynamic and experienced professional with decades of experience. With a strong management background, he optimises business processes and drives productivity. His exceptional leadership skills motivate teams to achieve operational excellence. Maria’s strategic mindset enables him to develop comprehensive operational strategies aligned with company goals. His organizational skills and cross-functional collaboration ensure smooth operations and contribute to overall success.